A Gorgeous Wedding

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I got to attend my aunt's wedding yesterday, and it was so adorable! I thought I would share some of the ideas that we used to decorate and make it fabulous...

The Food
The food at this wedding reception was great!  They paid a fro yo person to come and set up.  He took care of everything!  She picked two flavors (tart and chocolate) and a few toppings.  She also had some waffle people (from Waffle Love) there to make waffles, and they set everything up also!  It was especially nice because no one had to worry at all about making and preparing any of the food.
I got the chocolate, it was delicious!

A place for the bride and groom
The bride and groom wanted to be a little separated from everyone so they could personally talk to their guests, and we rented some vintage pieces and made a little set up for them.

The cake(s)
These cakes were adorable and so yummy.  She (the bride) wanted to go with a bare look, and she and the groom had their own personal little cake.  Three of the four were chocolate and they used cute little glass cake stands that were kind of vintage looking.  It was about 95 degrees and we were outside so we had to take the cakes out just 30 minutes before we cut them so the pastry cream wouldn't melt.

As they ride away
At the end of the night, we went around the tables and gathered the flowers to pick off the petals and put them into a basket.  We passed the basket around to everyone so they could grab a handful then we formed an aisle so they could ride off on their bikes as we throw petals at them.

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