What's inside my gym bag?

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   Click to see what's in my gym bag..

    1. extra sweatshirt: to take on and off in between workouts

    2. light shorts and a light tee

    3. gym card: this is self-explanatory!  But, I thought I would tell you that I go to Virgin Active

    4. Palmer's cocoa butter lotion: call me old-school, but I love to put this on post-workout

    5. face wash & towel:  it's so important to wash your face after a workout.  Sweat helps to cleanse                         pores, but it helps to wash that sweat out afterwards!  I use {and love!} this gel wash.

    6.  iPod, earbuds, and arm strap: Having an arm strap is so helpful- especially when you are moving                        from place to place throughout the gym

    7. water: do NOT forget!

    8. Nike + iPod sensor: I use my sensor each and every time I go on a run, because I love to track my                     progress, distance, etc.

    9. running shoes: I recently bought these tiffany blue Nike Free Runs, and I love both the way they                         look and feel.  They were a great price from this website.


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