5 Watches Like Daniel Wellington

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Image via: Guahar Shop
The Daniel Wellington watch has taken the street style world by storm!  I absolutely love the minimalist look of this watch, but here are a few others that are just as gorgeous..

1. Larsson & Jennings
I'm in love with this black + gold watch!  It's minimalistic and classic.

Black Läder, £205
Image via: Kind of Luxe

2. Cluse
I think that Cluse watches are just as fashionable as Daniel Wellington.  They're actually even a bit more affordable!

La Bohéme White Pink, £101
Image via: Polienne
3. Olivia Burton
I love how sleek and adorable these watches are! The one below is the most Daniel Wellington-esque, but there are lots of cute designs!  Be sure to check out the popular hummingbird watch.

Large White Face Mink, £75
I love the classic metro watch.  The rose gold is super chic, and adds a girl touch.  If you love Daniel Wellington (and Kate Spade of course), check out the Metro Grand!

5. Brathwait
Alright, I admit that this is a man's watch.  But, it is just as gorgeous as Daniel Wellington, with a nice and minimalistic design.

Classic Slim Wrist Watch, $180
Image via: Brathwait FB

Extra: Mockberg
These Swedish watches are incredibly chic, and they're even available in rose gold. Be sure to check my post about the gorgeous 'Sigrid' watch!

Sigrid Watch, 160 euro
Image via: ToBeYoutiful

I hope you like these watches!  I think it's important to go out of the ordinary trends sometimes, so these watches are perfect for that.  There's a design for everyone, whether you want to be completely minimalist or more feminine.



  1. Nice roundup of watches!!


  2. Such an awesome post! Love my Daniel Wellington, but now I kinda need the Larsson & Jennings watch too...


  3. Anonymous5/26/2015

    daybook watches are just as pretty but very expensive

  4. I would include some Skagen as well, that model called "ditte". They are just as pretty as DW and a bit more affordable...

  5. Kapten and son are also very similar and pretty.

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  8. I've seen a lot of Daniel Wellington watches around, they are super pretty!

  9. Anonymous8/01/2016

    Thank you for sharing! x

  10. This was really useful- thank you so much!

  11. Hello I'm from Brazil. All models are very beautiful. Congratulations on the text and continue with the good work. See you later.

  12. Great inputs as I was eagerly looking for something like DW

  13. I love number 2 - Cluse watch above all Daniel Wellington watches. Because pink is simply my thing and the design is gorgeous above all!