Featured on LaurenConrad.com: Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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I was so excited to be featured on LaurenConrad.com for a Halloween makeup tutorial! You can see the full post here.  This tutorial was really fun to do, and it's perfect as a last minute Halloween costume!!

Here's what you'll need..
  • bright powder blush
  • foundation
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • bright lipstick
  • 1-2 bright eyeshadows
  • mascara
  • false eyeshadows
  • blue eye shadow
  • white face paint
1. Start with a clear foundation and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.  The brighter the better. This look is all about the contrast between the colors!

2. Fill in your eyebrows with black liquid eyeliner, keeping the edges sharp and defined.

3. Draw lines with the eyeliner on your nose, under your cheekbones, under your bottom lip, and in between your eyebrows or anywhere that you would normally contour.

4. Draw an outline of your lips. You may need to make the bottom lip extra thick to make the line look even.

5. Fill in your lips with a bright lipstick.  Add a spot of white eyeliner if you'd like to add depth.

6. For the eyes, start to draw a dramatic wing. Next, use a bright pigmented eye shadow on your eyelid.  Add another color towards the inner eye for extra detail.

7. Draw another wing coming from inside or above the crease of the eye, following the shape of your first wing.

8. Finish off the eye with lots of mascara and false eyelashes.

9. For the tear, draw the shape that you want with blue eye shadow.  Outline that shape with black eyeliner, and then clean up the edges with a Q-tip.

10. Lastly, put small dots of white or red face paint all over your face. The best way to do this is to use the other end of an eye shadow brush, or a Q-tip.

Done!  Top the whole look off with voluminous hair and a cute color block outfit!

Be sure to check out the post from LaurenConrad.com here!


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