October Favorites 2014

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Happy November!  Here's a collection of my favorite things from October..

I haven't always loved this pattern, but it's definitely growing on me lately.  I love small houndstooth patterns, they add interest to an outfit. Not sure where to start? Check out this scarf from UO:

Tesco's Cookie Spread
For all of you here in the UK, you definitely need to check out the new cookie butter from Tesco's.  It is heavenly. I first heard of it from my favourite model, Sonya Esman's Instagram..

buy it here
photo: Sonya Esman of Class is Internal

I'm sure you already know all of the words to all of the songs. But just in case you didn't know about it...

buy it here

L'Oreal Pure Reds Lipstick Collection
I got the "Blake" lipstick recently, and I am definitely loving the color with my skin tone!

buy it here

... and here's a low quality selfie with it on :)

The Face
I just love a good model TV show. This show started in the UK, but of course now it's a US show, and they don't do the competition in the UK anymore.  It's Naomi Campbell's show, so you can expect lots of drama!

Pointed Black Ankle Boots
I just got my brand new pair of ankle boots, and I'm definitely loving them!  They add a hint of cool, and they're very practical for the autumn rain.  If you didn't see my latest outfit post, check it out here!


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