5 Bucket Bags like Mansur Gavriel

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photo via The Working Girl

I have always admired Mansur Gavriel's minimalist bag designs, but it's quite a splurge as their classic black is about $500, and there's even a waitlist. Here are some alternatives from the high street if you're looking for something similar...

1. Forever 21
As soon as I saw this bag in-store, I immediately recognised it as a Mansur Gavriel.  At $30, this is totally a steal. It's sold out online, but if you head to the store right now, you could find that it's still there! (I did.)
F21, $30

2. H&M
This bucket bag is so close to a dupe, the only difference is the drawstring and strap!  It may be on sale in store, but you can still find it online at the link below.

3. Zara
I am in love with this bucket bag.  Although it doesn't look as much like a Mansur Gavriel, it still gives off minimalistic vibes, and actually looks quite expensive.

(see the outfit here)

 4. Mango
I love this nude bucket bag, and it also has very simple lines, just like Mansur Gavriel

5. L.K. Bennet
This metallic bucket bag is perfect if you're wanting something a little different.

Bonus: COS backpack
Mansur Gavriel also sells backpacks, and this one is exactly like their metallic backpack that recently sold out.



  1. wow...that F21 had me! It totally is spot on.


  2. I love them all! The F21 one is so close. Great catch. Thanks for visiting my blog


  3. So many imitations but nothing beats the real thing! So glad I was able to snag one :)

    be the plebeian

  4. I'm so into bucket bags right now! I love that H&M one. The color is so beautiful! My boyfriend actually got me the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in Camello (the light nudish color) but I kinda wish I got something else because I didn't know that the natural color will tan over time from exposure to the sun and the bag will actually become quite dark with regular use!! It also bruises so easily and I already got an oil stain on it that is so hard to get out...makes me sad.

    xx freshfizzle

    1. Oh dear, that's too bad because I've always loved how the nude one looks! Hope it still works for you xo

  5. You have great choices. I love those of H&M, Zara and Forever 21. So beautiful!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. I have a red purse like this but I'm still eyeing the beige one from H&M. Great picking here.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  7. Lovely compilation! I have been eyeing a lovely bucket bags since months now but not able to find that I' love, your list really helps! :) :D

    xx Aditi
    Diary of a Cusp

  8. This is such a good round up. The 1st one looks so luxurious, I'd never guess that it was from Forever 21!


  9. I've been wanting a bucket bag lately; thanks for the ideas! (especially since they aren't $500 haha). Check out my blog if you get the chance at www.emilyseye.com

  10. I wish I had one. But the most offordable don't seem to have good quality, but maybe in real life it does xD

  11. I wish I had one. But the most offordable don't seem to have good quality, but maybe in real life it does xD