New In: Zip Loafers

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Long time, no "New In" post... possibly because I haven't been shopping in what seems like forever now.  It was definitely time for some new loafers (since I lost my old one on a train... see story below) so I went for this zipped pair from a new favourite shop of mine, & Other Stories...

As you could guess, the Scandinavian in me loves & Other Stories and their clean aesthetic. As I mentioned above, I lost my previous pair of bow loafers on a train whilst I was on the way to a friend's house.  Someone stepped on my heel as I was stepping onto the train and next thing I knew I had one shoe on and the other had gone through the gap under the train.  All alone, I ended up having to switch trains at Reading station with one shoe on, limping like an idiot/stylish homeless girl.  Luckily some sweet girls at the station lent me a sock because "it looked like my foot was cold," the least of my worries. The black sock definitely helped to conceal the fact that I had only one shoe on (besides the limping, of course).

loafers, & Other Stories

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  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know what I would have done if I lost my shoe on the train! Your new loafers are so cute, love!

    kierra |

  2. These shoes are so pretty and these are just more stunning pictures - I cannot stress how gorgeous the aesthetics of your blog are! x

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