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I've waited over a year to return to Southern California... and when I finally stretched my legs after a ten hour car journey from Utah (a total nightmare with sick children in the back and a broken DVD player), the ocean was waiting for me.  Sand and seaweed in my hair, the taste of salt, waves more powerful than me, rays of sun burning my skin. Sure there are gloomy days and sometimes it stings when sand gets in my eyes, but I can't complain; the beach is my happy place and I felt it every single day I spent by the ocean.

We have a routine when we head to the OC to visit family (and by visit, I mean invade their house with 12 crazy relatives), it goes something like this:

10:00 - Eat breakfast (most likely cereal or donuts), make lunches (comprised of grapes, Chex mix, M&M's, Oreos, and other junk foods)

11:00 - The beach (all. day. long.)

4:30 - Fight amongst your sisters for who gets to shower first

5:00 - Tacos (and if it's not tacos, it's pizza)

6:30 - Watch a film or the Olympics

9:00 - The adults and children are tired so they head to bed and then the party really starts

10:00 - Possible nighttime frozen yogurt run

1:00 - Time for me to sleep on the ground with four other girls in the room

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  1. You look so tan!! This color looks gorgeous on you.
    I hope you had an awesome time in California!
    xx, lavishingg

  2. Ah I was at the beach today, but closer to my house in Malibu. There's nothing like it :)


  3. Lovely dress - looks like a fabulous California trip :)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  4. This dress and these photos are absolutely stunning! <3 You look gorgeous!

    Lois xxx

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