In The Best Way, You'll Be The Death of Me

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Autumn's new mood calls for an oversized jumper and long walks in Christ Church Meadows...

As of late, my day-to-day uniform has consisted of dresses (sans-tights of course!), big jumpers, and the occasional leather jacket.  The brisk October weather has caught me off guard as I head out the door, deceived by the blue skies and sunrise reflections I awake to each morning. I've been appreciating autumn's gradual change of colours by taking myself on frequent walks at Christ Church, usually accompanied by one of the following:

a) a book (I'm reading Henry David Thoreau at the moment),
b) music (you don't want to know what I listen to... it's bad taste), or
c) my little sister (as in this case).

jumper, Zara
dress, COS
shoes, & Other Stories
watch, Mockberg

listen to Ingrid Michaelson's "Wonderful Unkown" here


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  1. Your oversized jumper is so cute. I've been loving the oversized look!
    xx, lavishingg

  2. Amazing shots girl!! Love the vibe of this shoot! <3

    XO, Jessi

  3. I love the fit of your sweater! Anything oversized is always so chic and comfy.


  4. AH I love your sweater! Big sweaters and dresses are like a good 75% of my outfits around this time of year, deffo still taking advantage of dresses before it gets too cold outside.


  5. So cute, this style looks so good on you!

  6. Now I'm curious about what your bad taste in music

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  7. You look absolutely stunning - that outfit it amazing! You've given me serious style inspiration! <3

    Lois | xxxx

  8. you are beautiful,love your style

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