5 Small Ways to Change up your Look.

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Sometimes I get tired of the same old hair, makeup, and clothes.  So, it's nice to have a change.  Here are a few small things that you should try out...

1. Eyeliner
If you don't already wear eyeliner, try it out!  Once you get it, it's pretty easy.  You could also try switching out the color, or doing a new style.  If you haven't tried doing a cat eye, there's a great tutorial here.

2.  Change your part
If you're one of those people that has never changed their part, do it.  It really changes the way you look, and it's super good for your hairs' health.  Try doing a middle part or a deep side part!

3.  Try the geek-chic look
4. Ditch the nude lip
Try an unexpected color like an orange-y pink.
5. Accessorize
It's suprising how many people don't really accessorize.  Even I sometimes get lazy and just leave home without ANY accessories. Even just a subtle accessory like a head band can make a difference.

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