How to clean out your entire closet

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I know cleaning out your closet is one of the biggest pains.  But, it's possible.  And every closet is different and everyone has different clothes but I thought I'd give some tips and tricks for cleaning out and organizing your closet (no matter the size!)

My closet is tiny, and I've gathered up a lot of clothes so if you're like me then you'll be needing to organize it... big time.

Step 1: get the organizers you need
Here's the thing: everyone's closet is set up differently.  Mine has some built in shelves, and hanger rods but not everyone has those.  Buy some matching hangers, get some drawers or shelves, and some shoe organizers. Also get a few boxes to put some storage things up top

Step 2:  organize the shoes
on all of your shoes.  Throw them out/ pass down if:
1. They are too small
2.  They're REALLY worn out
3.  You really, really think you'll never wear them
now that you've gone through your shoes, depending on the season you need to put them in certain places.  It's summer so I put flip flops and sandals where I can get to them easily and I put winter boots back a little.  You can buy some shoe organizers to hang up and put your shoes in.

Step 3: get out all of your junk
that's anything that isn't clothes or accessories: out.  Put it somewhere else, but a closet is for clothes

Step 4: things you shouldn't keep
you don't want it? give it away (see step 6)
you can't fit into it? give it away
thrashed and it's been 15 years since you got it? throw it away
you haven't worn since who-knows-when? give it away
had it for forever, but it still has the tag? give it away

Step 5: where to put what
this one is tricky and it depends on how big your closet is, the layout, etc., but even though it may not look like it, there's a place for everything:
dresses:  hang them up, and do it by season
pants/shorts:  I fold most of them, but the ones I use a lot I put on hangers.  The jeans I want to save for cut-offs later, I put in a box to store at the top of my closet
blouses: hang them up.  I don't hang my up but I need to be (ha!)
tshirts/casual tanks:  fold them and put them on your shelves
cardigans/blazers/jackets: hang them up and put them with your blouses (or a separate rod if you have one)
tights: roll them up and put them in a drawer (I put them with my belts)
bags:  hang them up
scarves:  hang them on a hanger, you can fit about 10 !!!

Step 6: where to put the things you didn't keep
  • you could organize a clothes exchange with friends, it's a great way to get new things and get rid of your old stuff.  Just remember to invite stylish friends! :)
  • you could give it to a local charity.  If there's something like a Saver's near you, then that's a great place to help out
  • hand them down to a friend or a relative.  There's almost always a friend that wants them or a sibling, cousin, niece, etc.
Step 7: customize according to your needs
If you're athletic, then put all of your workout things in one drawer.  I put all of my running bags, armbands, shorts, and shirts in one place.
If you're the kind of person that goes swimming every day in the summer then put your swimwear and  goggles and brushes in one place

I think you get the point with the customizing

Step 8: be sure to do a seasonal check-up
put winter clothes/accessories out and in when the time comes and same with summer.  Fashion changes with the season.

So hopefully you have more hope for your closet after reading this.  It's possible, but it could take a while so you could grab a friend, some music, or a few snacks for the task.  I promise you'll feel better after you're done and it'll be so fun to wake up and get dressed (maybe?) knowing that it's easier to get to all of your clothes and you're not constantly throwing things at your closet.

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