How to get perfect lashes

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I can say that I've had some experience with a mascara wand.  But it's important to realize that mascara can't do it all to get the perfect lashes.  Here's a few of my tips I've picked up for getting the perfect eyelashes...

Use an eyelash curler
Using a curler makes your eyelashes look so much longer.  It only takes a few seconds, and trust me when I say those two seconds are worth it.
ALWAYS take your eye makeup off
Make sure you wash your face every night and morning, but in addition to that: use eye makeup remover after.

Use a flosser to de-clump your mascara
Kinda scary-right?  Well, it works really well for me!  You can find the pointy kind at pretty much any store, and put it in between any clumps, and pull up.

Do a cat eye
if you do it small, it makes it look like you have bigger lashes on the outside. I always start at the middle of my eyelid, or else it makes your eyes look smaller

Mascara: a few bonuses
1. do a see-saw motion: when swiping your mascara, do a small side-to-side movement.  It helps catch every little lash
2. over the upper lash: okay, so when you're done swiping up, go over the lash, and swipe again.  That way you'll get the top, bottom, front, and back of your eyelashes
3. don't do too much on the bottom
this is the only mascara I will (ever) use.
I hope you try these tips.  They have worked for me and I'm sure you'll get compliments as your lashalicious day goes by. (sorry, I just had to say lashalicious, hehe)

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