Growing your hair out: long & strong

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In elementary school, I cut my hair REALLY SHORT.  It looked good, and I kept it like that for a few years.  But, when it was time to go to Junior High, I decided I would either: cut it into a pixie cut, or grow it out long.  Obviously I decided to grow it out.  Here are a few tips I've picked up...

Long: There are a few things that really speed up the process of growing your hair.  One of them, obviously is to keep it healthy (which I'll talk about later), here are a few others:

Head massager: it's pretty funky.  But, it has helped me grow my hair out!  It helps the blood circulate around your scalp causing your hair to grow faster.  I use mine every night before bed!
Hair Pills: I get these babies at Costco, and they help my hair grow the most.  On the bottle, it says to take three a day.  I only take one a day and it helps my hair sooo much!!!  They have 5,000 mcg of Biotin (a vitamin that makes your hair grow fast) per serving which is 1,667% of your daily value :)  Bonus: it really helps your skin, too!  If you don't have a Costco close to you, then you can buy them for $11 here.

Strong: to get your hair to keep growing, it has to be healthy.  Obviously having healthy hair isn't very simple, but there are a few do's and don'ts. 
Don't dye it too much: it damages your hair!
Don't pick your split ends:  it's a hard habit to break, but it's just damaging it more and more, breaking it up the hair shaft.  Try cutting them!
Don't use too much heat: and when you do, use a protecting spray.
Don't use really hot water when washing your hair: I've been trying to cool down the temperature of my showers because it's so much better for your hair.  I also make the water pretty dang cold after I put in my conditioner because I've found that it makes my hair shinier!

I hope you use these tips in your (hopefully speedy) voyage to long, glamorous hair! :)

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  1. Great advice! Love the blog, keep the posts coming.