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Statement pieces can really transform any outfit.  They can turn a basic outfit into something that looks like you care about your outfit, even if you lazily put it together.  Statement pieces don't have to only be a piece of jewelry, they could be anything from a stylish hairdo to a bright lipstick.  Here are some ways to start using statement pieces to make you look fashionable...

All Black + Necklace
I love the all black with a big necklace. It's super easy to do and you look super fashionable!!

Statement Bag
A bright clutch is a fun way to liven up a neutral outfit!

Statement Glasses
These are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses.  You can buy them from American Eagle (if they aren't sold out!)  You could also try out some hipster glasses if you're into that!

Statement Makeup
You've probably heard about bold makeup, but seriously it can change everything!!  I always get a compliment when I change up my makeup.  For starters, try a bright pink lip.

Statement Hat
Hats are a surprising accessory.  Sometimes they're the perfect way to accessorize your outfit, but you just never realize it until you can get yourself to remember to wear one!  Floppy hats are perfect for summer, and beanies can actually be really fashionable!

I hope you like these ways to spice up any outfit!  Just remember that your statement pieces should say something about you and what you like!!

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