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Happy June!  May was an amazing month, and I discovered some great new things to share with you...

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits made quite an appearance this May, and I definitely am loving this look!  I have yet to buy one, but I think that it's my next purchase.
Image via: Le Fashion

Here are some jumpsuits that I am currently loving: (click to view)

Pocket: Pocket is an extension that I use on Chrome, but it is also an app.  I love this extension because it saves any page that you want so that you can read it later.  It's super easy to install + use.  Whenever I'm at a page that I find interesting, but would like to read later... I just press the button in my browser and it saves it for me!  Your saved pages are also available to see in the app!

Get the app here. (it's free!) 
Get the extension here.

Chunky necklaces:  I'm loving chunky statement necklaces, especially when they have a bit of bling!

Here are some of my favorites: (click to view)

Lookbook:  Lookbook is a site for anyone who wants to share their outfits or sense of style.  I'm new to Lookbook, but I absolutely love it.  You can fan (follow) others, create collections (sort of like the equivalent of a Pinterest board), hype (favorite) looks, and share!  I love seeing other people's outfits, and it also provides information on where to get each of the items.

follow my Lookbook profile here.

Olay Cleansing Brush:  The Olay cleansing brush is a cheaper version of the Clarisonic brush.  I personally have never used a Clarisonic, but I love my Olay brush!  I use it about twice a week, and I have noticed that I can get a deeper clean with it. I got mine on sale here.

Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick (in Coral Tonic- 422):  I love my new coral lipstick for summer. This lipstick is super cheap, and it's great to wear just for an everyday look.
Buy here.
see more of this look here.

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