get the dewy look: 5 products + tutorial

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My absolute favourite look is the dewy look.  Here are a few of my tricks + techniques to perfect this look...

1. To get started, here are the products that I will be using to get this look:

2.  Start with your moisturiser, all over the face.  This will give you a good base to work off of.

3. Grab your bb cream + foundation brush, and focus on evening out the skin tone.

4. Now it's time for your powder.  The reason for using a powder with the dewy look, is because you're not aiming for shiny.  Dewy does not equal shiny.  It may get to be a bit too much if you don't use powder, so don't be afraid to swipe a bit of translucent powder (or foundation powder) around the edges of face + your T-zone.

5.  Grab your moisturiser again and dot a bit onto your cheekbones.  Now, swipe your e.l.f. colour stick up and back.  Try to stay away from the centre of your face with the blush. And.. blend.  The lotion + blush combo will really help to give you an airy look.

6. The last step is to apply your highlighter.  I dotted it onto my cheekbones, brow bones, and on top of my nose.  Make sure to blend very well!

Bonus: Baby Lips sheer lip balm (Peach Kiss)  This lip balm will give you a nice nude + shimmery glow.

Done! Pair with a cat eye + mascara


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