How to make the perfect inspiration board

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It's been a while since I've done a tutorial, so I thought I would give 5 tips on how to make the perfect inspiration board...

Get the right board: Pick out the right size for whatever room you want to put it in, and make sure the frame matches.  I painted my frame, but I also love a simple black.  You can get a normal cork board at basically any craft store.

Gather photos/quotes: I went onto my Pinterest profile and chose some photos to print out.  I also went through my old magazines and ripped out some gorgeous photos to pin on.  You could also use photos of yourself + friends/family.
Pick out the right pins: The pins that you choose are really important, because the wrong ones could make it look really tacky.  I went for simple pink pins with mine..

Go 3D: I put lights through my board for Christmas, but there are so many DIY's like this pom-pom garland, or make a garland from these donuts.  Go through your old things and find stuff to put on it like washi tape and jewellery.
Be creative: Really just do whatever you want with your board.  I always save old tickets, business cards, and post cards to put on my board.



  1. What a fun way to plan out your new year too- I could see using a map as the base image and pinning pictures on the map background to plan a trip!


    1. Thanks! That's a great idea.. I also have a DIY Cork Board Map if you want to check it out here:


  2. aaaah this is so inspiring !!!