Make your own cork board map!

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I saw this cork board map on Pinterest from Anthropologie for $54, but I decided to make my own!  

Here's what you'll need:

1. Cork (you should be able to find a roll of cork at your local craft store)
2. A knife (I used an Exacto knife)
3. Some way to put it up (I used wall sticky squares)
4. This condensed map download from The Sorry Girls
5. Mod Podge (optional)

Using that condensed map, I went to a site called Block Posters, and I made a 4 by 2 paper "poster" to spread out onto my cork.  You can print out these eight pieces from here and tape them together onto your cork like this:

The rest is super easy!  All you need to do now is cut each continent out, it's okay if your cork is crumbly because it really gives an earth-y effect that you want.
You have to be a bit picky on what you choose to cut out, but make sure you cut out at least a few islands.  It really brings the whole map together.

As a final touch, I painted a bit of mod podge (mixed with glitter, of course!) on the edges to keep my cork from crumbling more.

Ta da!!  Put it up over your bed, in your kitchen, anywhere really (be sure to put some pins on it though)


  1. Seriously. Amazing. Why are you so cool? So very very excited to see you!! Miss you tons.

  2. I am also planning to create 2 cork board maps. Maybe one I'll keep in my bedroom and one I'll keep in the kitchen. I find it a beautiful home decoration. Your post gave me more ideas.

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