DIY Potato Stamp Tee

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So today I decided to make this patterned tee (inspired by PacSun)  You can make any pattern you
want or do one like mine, (which was super easy by the way)

Here's what you will need:

1: fabric paint. I used acrylics because I couldn't find fabric paint, but of course fabric paint would work much better
2: 4-5 potatoes.  Because I knew that I would be working small-scale I decided to buy baby potatoes, but whatever works!
3: a plain t-shirt.
Now mix your paints to get the shades you want:

The tricky part is cutting the potato to make the stamp.  So the first thing to do is cut the potato in half, and then cut out portions of the potato until you get the right shape.  For the most part my pattern consisted of triangles which was really simple.  I would definitely try it out on a piece of paper first to make sure it looks right.  Be sure not to get too much paint on your stamp each time you go to stamp your shirt.
  Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt before you stamp to avoid the paint bleeding through (and it really will!)  This is how mine looks so far:

Basically just keep stamping until your pattern is finished.  You may need to clean your stamp off from time to time if you're using it with different colors.  Here's how mine turned out after drying:
perfect for summer!



  1. Very cool!!!! I love the tee you used.....can you tell me where you bought it? Thanks.....

  2. Ya it's actually from a store here in England called Primark. Basically the UK's version of Walmart :)

  3. I love this. I love your blog also glad to see you are back bloging