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About a year ago I published an article with The Oxford Student on "What to Wear Punting."  The newspaper is produced by the students of Oxford and is owned by the highly esteemed Oxford Union....

I'm back with a shoot on cycle style, definitely appropriate given how many cyclists we have here in Oxford.  I paired my denim shorts with a loose white top, along with some white sneakers for an easy-breezy springtime look.  The weather was unusually nice when I shot this, so hopefully the rain stops soon so I can wear this as I cycle again!  Here are some shots from the article...

top, Topshop
shorts, Dr. Denim
sneakers, Lacoste
watch, Mockberg

If you happen to live in Oxford, be sure to pick up the latest issue at a college or the Union!



  1. Lovely look! And congratulations on the article! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. This look is so chic! Obsessed with that top, babe!

    Kierra |

  3. these photos are lovely and your so pretty!
    Loving your blog following ya x

  4. Anonymous5/12/2016

    Lovely look and the top is so stylish!