Bluebells and Bell Sleeves

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It's already May which means I had to get myself to the woods to see the bluebells everyone speaks of. Yes, I went last year... but about a week too late just to see them shrivelling and dying, quite a disappointment after hearing all of the hype.  This time around I went to some woods near Elsfield in Oxfordshire to take a couple photos (whilst getting stung by nettles and pricked by thorns)...

This spring/summer I have decided to shoot in a number of different floral fields to capture the colours and mood of each with fashion and photography.  This is the first of the series, and you can expect many more coming up soon including rapeseed, poppy, and lavender fields (I'm especially excited about the lavender as long as I get the timing and outfit right :)

dress, COS
top, Zara
flats, Next



  1. This is a stunning photo shoot! Looks like a perfect, almost-rainy day in the woods - magical <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  2. Obsessed with this Emma, the bluebells are so pretty and the white dress contrasts with them so well!

    Kierra | Lavishingg

  3. Awwe oh my goodness, those bluebells are soooo beautiful! I love your dress as well, so pretty and the bell sleeves just add to the whole bell theme haha, love it !