Spring Photo Diary

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This spring has been very long (and very cold) but looking back it's been full of some really great days and memories...

In March I was able to collaborate with a lot of great brands... which of course means lots of shoots (my favourite :). I shot a couple pieces from Nobody's Child, including an off-the-shoulder top and a black t-shirt dress...

I try to be optimistic about the weather, so one day I dragged Jess to the park so we could do some watercolour on the grass... accompanied by cloudy skies and eventually rain if I remember correctly.

I was also very excited to be featured in The Oxford Student newspaper, you can have a closer look at the photos here!

Towards the end of March I went on a little excursion to London with two of my friends Kumbirai and Jess...

We went to the Tate Britain (I had never been!) as well as Camden market and we went shopping around Carnaby Street...  You can see more photos from my London look here.

Straight after our day trip to London I was off to the States (Utah to be exact) to visit my sister, catch up with friends, eat as much Chick-fil-A as possible, and wrap up all of my exams.

My good friend Haley also invited me on a little road trip to Zion National Park which was absolutely stunning! We hiked Angel's Landing and Hidden Canyon, and I was able to document both days on my camera (which isn't the most fun to drag up each trail if we're being honest).

I wrapped up my trip to America with more revision, exams, and then many more sun-filled hikes in the stunning mountains. (We were allowed one cheat sheet in my maths exam and as you can see I was not messing around!)

Somewhere in there (April 19th if you want to be exact), I turned 17! The cheetah robe is so in now, am I right?

Now that I'm home, I'm officially done with my exams!  Although there's kind of a catch... if you live in America or know a bit about American Uni's, you've probably heard of the dreaded ACT. Well, preparation for the ACT has gotten very real very quickly for this 17-year-old girl right here but luckily that's all I have going on school-wise at the moment.

This week I stopped by a field of bluebells (this is the perfect time to go if you live in England btw) to snap in an all-white outfit.

As of today, Oxford is warming up and I'm back to playing frisbee, rowing, running, and wearing the occasional daisy chain crown with my sister.

I hope your spring has been great as well!



  1. Congrats on being featured in the Oxford Student newspaper and turning 17! Seems like you had a lovely month :) x Alona


  2. You captured all of these moments so beautifully! Congrats on all the features and brand collaborations! :)

    be the plebeian

  3. So glad you took the camera on your hikes! The scenery is beautiful! Also that white dress in the field of bluebells is amazing! Congratulation on the feature and collabs!