You Make My Heart Feel Like It's Summer

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London in the summer- almost nothing better than a relaxed day trip with family and the sun...

I had a few cousins in town so we decided to show them a bit of London, starting with Tower Bridge (classic), and then I finally got to go up to the Sky Gardens.  The gardens had such an amazing view of central London (for free!) and it was actually amazing to see how all of the different parts of London fit together.  I also walked to St. Paul's with one of my cousins and then St. James's Park, which is probably my new favourite park in London.

The lineup for the rest of my summer is very busy so I almost feel like my free time is over.  I've got a festival this weekend and then I'm off to camp and then my family will head to the States for all of August.  Safe to say I'm really excited for the next two months and I'm definitely hoping that I can find make more time for my blog (fingers crossed!)

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  1. That sounds like such a fun day, I still haven't made it up to the Sky Gardens but the view looks amazing! Love your outfit, the top is so cute :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  2. I love your photos so much, they are always so stunning ! I love your top as well, so pretty <3 I still haven't managed to visit London for real (only during long layovers) but I need to one day, it is so lovely !


  3. These photos are stunning! The rest of your summer sounds like a lot of fun :-) Festival weekends are always fun! x Alona

  4. I need everything you're wearing! You look gorgeous! And your photos are amazing too :)

    Lois |


  5. Great photos and I love the stripes! So cute.

    XO, Jessi